Annual Report 2021

Youthline Annual Report 2021

Hight has been working with Youthline for six years producing its annual report and other marketing collateral. Youthline is a wonderful not-for-profit organisation that offers essential services for Aotearoa New Zealand’s youth, principally through offering free telephone, text, email and face-to-face counselling service.

For the 2020 – 2021 Youthline Annual Report, Hight partnered with the exceptionally talented photographer Michelle Hyslop ( This year’s report pointed a lens on the challenges youth face in dealing with COVID lockdowns and COVID cases in their communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. In response to this difficult topic, but keeping in mind the colourful, diverse, inclusive and energetic culture of Youthline, Hight juxtaposed bright colours with the edgy, urban and real portraits masterfully captured by Michelle.

The bright colours remind the reader of the indomitable spirit and enduring positive focus of the Youthline organisation (now active for 50 years) that uplifts and supports the youth who are the future of our country. The report was well received by the client who felt that the images and the design approach successfully combined both the seriousness of the report and underlying culture of Youthline.

Michelle’s confronting and beautiful portraits, closely cropped, really brought focus to the theme of the report
The personal focus of these studio portraits perfectly arguments the visualised data about increases in suicide risk amongst New Zealand youth since Covid-19 visited our shores in March 2020
Hight contrastedMichelle’s powerful portraits with bright colours to bring the sense of hopethat Youthline services offer young people in Aotearoa New Zealand
Continuing the use of large portraits inside the report to tell the good news Youthline stories
Mission, vision and values (left page) along with CEO’s korero (right page)

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