Taylors on Hurstmere

Brand and Marketing Collateral

Brand and Marketing Collateral


New brand and marketing collateral for a new bar and eatery


A bar that provides a great atmosphere with a focus on a superb selection of beers, wines and spirits with high quality tasty bar food.

Key words

Quality not quantity, the discerning customer, intimate, great service, a full taste palette experience


In 2017 Steve Taylor had the ambitious dream of starting his own bar and eatery on Hurstmere Road in Takapuna, deciding to put his many years of experience in the hospitality industry to the test. His focus is on quality craft beers and award-winning wines accompanied by a tailor made high-quality bar menu. He was looking for a brand that fitted with his vision as well and standing up to the well-established eateries on the Hurstmere strip. Steve Taylor knew the area well, as he had worked for several years at a restaurant a few doors down from his new spot, so it was important that Hight got to know the area too.

With the design brief in hand the Hight team took a reconnaissance tour of the area to get a feel for the present and potential future dining on Hurstmere Road. It was clear that there were some new trendy eateries in the area that were freshening up the Takapuna foodie scene.

Our solution was to develop a brand that fitted comfortably with its surroundings, a brand that was on point for the current design trends and represented Steve’s vision. This resulted in a simple but finely crafted brand that – just like the menu atTaylors, it was simple but really, really good.


Taylors on Hurstmeresecondary brand mark – developed for application onto glassware, the menu, andthe website
Taylors on Hurstmere brand specification sheet

The total brand package for Taylors included a primary brand mark and a secondary brand element. The secondary brand element was designed to grace the bar’s glassware and as an emblem that could be used for an accent on the menu or on other collateral where needed.

Like the primary brand, we wanted to keep the simplicity and used just two elements. The ‘T’ from Taylors, and a shield / ribbon end shape. The selection of the shield / ribbon end shape references a stamp of approval and award-winning quality.

Taylors on Hurstmere’s emblem on a wine glass
Taylors on Hurstmere’s emblem on a wine glass with menu

Hight worked with Steve over the next six months to design branded collateral and promotional material to support the launch and growth of his new business. This included business cards, menus, glasses, promotional flyers and posters and dressing a template website for Steve to load content into.  

Taylors on Hurstmere – business cards
Taylors on Hurstmere – lightbox signage
Taylors on Hurstmere – signage
Taylors on Hurstmere – menu
Taylors on Hurstmere’s promotional flyer
Taylors on Hurstmere’s promotional flyer
Taylors on Hurstmere – promotional posters
Taylors on Hurstmere’s owner Steve Taylor

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