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Brand Refresh

HEB Construction Brand Refresh


In 2015, HEBConstruction was purchased by French company VINCI Group. This change ofownership brought into question the existing HEB Construction brand – how andif it needed to reflect its new status as a VINCI subsidiary. It was decidedthat this was an optimal time to refresh the brand, as well as integrate theVINCI brand to indicate the new and important relationship.

Because of Hight’s positive relationship withHEB Construction, we were approached by the internal Marketing andCommunications Manager (Sandy Hodge) to produce and roll out a complete brandrefresh. Over the next 12 – 18 months we worked with HEB to refresh the brandand roll out new brand collateral throughout the nationwide business.

The primary design problems that Hight tackled were:

  1. How much integration of the two brands was appropriate?
  2. How different / similar should the new brand be to the existing brand?

Together with our point of contact Sandy Hodge, we worked through these problems together.

Hight audited the existing brand to identify any aspects that were less than optimal. During this process Hight identified several areas of the existing brand that needed work.

  1. First was the repetition of the word ‘HEB’ in the primary brand mark. The word ‘HEB’ was both inside the graphic and then again in the name itself (see previous brand image below). This repetition adds an unnecessary complication to the brand and does not read correctly.
  2. The dark blue and bright yellow colour palette was dated, heralding back to the 90s and needed updating.
  3. The serif font used for HEB inside the spade also dated the brand
  4. The overall structure was loose, the spacing and alignment of elements needed to be tightened

Hight’s solution

  1. Because the existing brand colour palette needed a refresh, Hight decided to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by using the more contemporary and corporate blue from the VINCI brand. This solved the problem of how to integrate the two brands as well as giving a new colour palette for HEB, the anchor that it needed.
  2. It was decided to keep all original elements of the brand in order to retain the brand recognition that HEB already had established in the market. We focused instead on restructuring the elements into a more usable arrangement, working through horizontal and vertical options.
  3. A new sans font was selected for a cleaner, stronger and more structured look and feel.
  4. All elements except the VINCI brand symbol were made blue and this created a harmonious relationship between all the elements.

Previous brand

New brand

Following the approval of the new logo by the executive team, Hight went to work to complete the rollout.


This included the following tasks:

Preparation of a full logo set

Development of a full set of brand guidelines including:

  • Brand structure, clear space and minimum sizing
  • A new colour palette
  • Co-branding guidelines
  • A new sub-brand for PPE – ‘more than just a job’
  • Brand toolkit – typeface, primary and secondary layouts examples
  • Templates – letterhead, business cards, email signature, presentation slides
  • Tender Submission documents – Word and InDesign templates including covers, styles, colours, specialist tables, layout examples and CV templates and examples

HEB Construction Brand Guidelines – clear space and colour palette
HEB Construction brand guidelines layout examples

Development of a separate Plant Brand Guidelines

Rollout of branded stationery including letterhead and business cards

HEB Construction corporate ID – business cards
HEB Construction corporate ID – stationery

Rollout of branded signage for Head Office and other national locations

Head Office – Internal signage reception
Head Office – internal office sign in Māori, English and French
Head Office – external signage main entrance
Head Office – external wayfinding signage (English and Māori), main entrance
Head Office – external wayfinding signage (English and Māori), staff entrance
Plant signage – nationwide

Internal communications including wall art, brochures, posters, newsletters and campaigns

Head office – wall art projects

External promotional material

Promotional – Graduate brochure covers
Promotional – Graduate Brochure
Promotional – Pull-up banners

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